Students receiving tablets to continue with their classes online

It has been almost 2 months since the government announced school closures. The physical distance from our learners has not been easy but we are happy that this did not put a stop to learning at Kenswed. Learning has moved online and teachers have had to adapt to the new normal for an unprecedented period.

Our management and academic team with the cooperation of our parents have been working together to ensure learning continues. We have had remote learning going on for the Form fours and three, with other classes being engaged with assignments through our online platforms.

Though we have had a lot of difficulties with this since most of our students come from challenged backgrounds that need support. Most of the students have been disadvantaged with the e-learning. The school has been providing internet bundles, but still less than half were able to attend the online classes.

This week we are happy that all our candidates will receive tablets and bundles to support the remote learning. We are looking for some funds to acquire some devices for the other classes especially the form threes who are candidates next year..

We are grateful to #Global Relations, #Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation, #Isaac Macharia Wanjohi and all our partners who have made this possible.

Here are some of our student receiving the tablets. For those who are outside Ngong ,we have made arrangements with courier services for deliveries.

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  1. This is absolutely outstanding per say . I recognise you even as you continue to salvage the bright future of African children . As a proud alumnus , I’m indeed greatfull

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