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Technical Department

The technical department is made up of three subjects namely Computer, Business Studies, and Agriculture. Agriculture as a subject was introduced in 2018 and is currently being undertaken by the current form one and two students. The first group shall be sitting for their K.C.S.E in the year 2121.  Computer, on the other hand, was introduced in the year 2012 but it was until the year 2017 when it presented the first group of candidates to sit for the K.C.S.E.  The second group was in the year 2018 and currently there are 12 candidates. Business studies have been the pioneering subject in this department. It was introduced in 2012 and has presented candidates since the year 2015.

Agriculture was introduced in the year 2018

Over the years the department has seen growth. The number of students undertaking the subjects has been on the increase.  Agriculture and business studies have had a good number of girls and boys, Computer has in the past been dominated by boys. Only one girl sat the national examination in the year 2018, the current form four class has two girls. Form three has three girls while form two has the largest number of eight girls who have chosen computer for their K.C.S.E. come the year 2021.  

The Department consists of the following dedicated members

  • Madam Dorcas – Agriculture
  • Mr Rotich  – Business Studies
  • Mr Pharis – Computer Studies
  • Mr Kizito – Business Studies

Kenswed technical Department

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