Where Science is not all about theoretical concepts.

Science Department

Members of this department help mould young minds and expound their curiosity in the science world.

Several milestones have been achieved over the years. The department started with very few facilities i.e. apparatus and chemical reagents and a small laboratory. However much has changed over the years, we have now expanded with more Apparatus and chemical reagents. The laboratory has now been expanded. This has enabled a more conducive environment for teaching and learning process. This has been made possible by the sponsors and the school management who are always dedicated to ensuring that students learn in a conducive environment.

The department has also introduced the science club to create a positive attitude among science students. This platform allows learners to be creative and problem-solvers in society.

This has enabled students to participate in the Science Fair competitions. We have also managed to take our students to the county levels in the past two years. The number of students enrolling for the science fair competitions has also increased drastically.

The department has also incorporated technology in the teaching-learning process. The use of projectors and laptops has made virtual concepts to be a really realm in science subjects. This has made teaching to be fascinating, engaging and more hands-on as opposed to the theoretical approach.

The members of the departments work around the clock to improve results in their subject areas. As a result, various strategies have been put in place. For instance engaging students in more practical activities, internal and external contests on a termly basis, issue of rats and take-home assignments. Weekly meetings have also been introduced to keep every member updated and ensure that these strategies are being implemented.

>> Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the Physical Science subjects that aim at bringing up young scientists who have a good grasp of basic concepts in science. The subject teachers achieve this through constant consultation on subject content and emerging issues that would enhance comprehension of concepts and carry out practical experiments that would enable learners relate these concepts to real life situations. There is also an existing relationship with physics and Biological Science Departments in organizing students to participate in science fairs where they come up with projects that put concepts learnt in the classroom.

Students at a Science fair presenting there project

The Department consists of the following dedicated members

  • Mr Makamu – Mathematics
  • Mr Lillan – Biology/Chemistry
  • Madam Adiang – Chemistry/biology
  • Mr Miriti- Mathematics/Physics
  • Madam Dorcas – Biology
  • Mr Wabwire  – Biology/Chemistry
  • Mr Mwilu – Mathematics/Physics
  • Mr Collins – Mathematics/Physics
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