School history and Current state

Kenswed Secondary school is designed for vulnerable young people in Nairobi, Kenya. Generally, it is young people who live in a slum environment, cannot afford to pay school fees and have very poor parents.

The school was started by the Swedish NGO Global Relations. The NGO is still contributing and administrating budget. www. In 2011, the school had about 50 students. It now consists of almost 300 students, 15 teachers and 8 others in the staff (janitors, kitchen staff and curators). Students pay only a small monthly cost to cover the food. In addition, some alumni help with certain tasks for a small fee.

The first class took the student in 2015 and since then several students have started at the university. It is wonderful to see that education leads the students towards new goals and towards a brighter future!

In 2017, the school became a boarding school. The most vulnerable girls are allowed to live in the area on weekdays and sleep in dormitories. A water well has also been drilled, which now supplies the school with water and also distributes water to residents in the immediate area.

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