Language Department

The Department is made up of two main languages i.e. English and Kiswahili. Our main aim is to carry out teaching and evaluation in order to equip our learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in national examinations. As a department, we purpose at all times to nurture students ability to use the two languages well in order to communicate well.

This year we are determined to improve our performance further by offering guidance and remedial teaching to students who may experience challenges in some areas. Our evaluation will continue to be in line with emerging trends in the two languages and education sector at large.

The Department consists of the following dedicated members

  • Mr Muchemi – Kiswahili
  • Ms Joy – Kiswahili
  • Ms Esther – Kiwahili
  • Ms Cecilia – English/literature
  • Ms Bellian – English/literature
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