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Humanities Department

Humanities is a broad academic field under which the students study various types of human interactions, using methods that are analytical, critical or exploratory. Humanities contain something explicit to explore in itself as it serves several disciplines where human beings and the society focus on different kinds of studies. Humanity department as a whole offers classes that expands students awareness to the human condition.

The study of history and government will help the student to relate with his or her environment after understanding the events that took place years ago. Through the studies of government the learner are able to know which government fits best in the governing of a state.

The study of geography helps the learner to more about the environment not only in his/her surrounding but also far and wide.

The study of Christian and religious education enables the learner to become a morally upright person. When all these subjects are incorporated together they give a learner an upper hand.

In this department the members show a lot of commitment in all that they do. They don’t do something when it is convenient. They accept no excuses but only results.

The Department consists of the following dedicated members

  • Madam Esther – History and Goverment
  • Madam Knight – Christian Religious Education
  • Mr Rotich – History and Goverment
  • Madam Joy – Christian Religious Education
  • Mr Kizito – Geography
  • Mr Muchemi  – History and Goverment
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