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Kenswed Academy is a Secondary School, at the foot of Ngong Hills, outside Nairobi. The school provide modern education for youths coming from harsh backgrounds. The school is supported and maintained by wellwishers, mainly from Sweden and Kenya. The upper secondary school Kenswed Academy in Kenya provides free education for young people from Nairobi’s slums. The school operates with the aid of students of teaching from Linköping University, who gain insight into global issues.

Kenswed Secondary School 2015 KCSE Results

Welcome to Kenswed School

As Kenswed School Fraternity, We take this opportunity to welcome you. Get to know us more by going through our website.

A message from the School director

A saying in my mother tongue loosely translated says” there’s no young person who is poor “. This is very true and I can attest to it. 
Irrespective of the background,any young person can be anything in future if they dare to dream. Their destiny is not dictated by where they come from,the color of their skin,the status of their family etc. It is in their belief,positivity and determination that will dictate their destiny. Young people require an opportunity to excel 

Our Location

Kenswed Secondary School
P.O.Box 24819 -00200 Ngong,

Kibiko, Ngong, Kajiado North, Kenya

Kenswed School founders
Kenswed School founders

About Kenswed

We are a truly an extraordinary place of learning. Our talented staff provides each student with a rigorous standards, high academic excellence and the best discipline on individual levels.

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Kenswed School

P.O Box 5940 00200 Nairobi, Kenya

Kibiko, Ngong

Phone No: +254 743 237 042 ǀ +254 717 383 401

Email: info@kenswedschool.co.ke

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